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Below are some of the comments from our clients we will be more than happy to provide
contact details for you to follow up on these recommendations

2018 Mark Dolman, UK Business Manager, Probax, “The Mentoring provided via CompTIA with Steve Potts has refocused my daily activity and actions when building my business. Steve's wealth of experience has enabled me to overcome challenges while being resource poor and implemented simple actions to steer me in the right directions which has seen instant results in the business”.

2017 Terry Ellis, Business Owner of H22 Solutions Ltd, Web Development Specialists “Steve has been tremendous help with our sales process. Over the last 2 years of working with Steve, our average win value has increased 4 fold. We put this down mainly to now having a strong vision and mission, along with the definition of a strong set of values which we measure all company processes against.”

2017 Tony Brooks , Business Owner Coach and Leadership Specialist. “As well as being a registered Growth Accelerator Coach myself I also put my own business through Growth Accelerator and worked with the wonderful Steve Potts ! Wherever you are on your journey spare some valuable time and resources to develop yourself as a leader and your team.

2017 Richard Danielson , Director Second Element “Steve has delivered coaching, and consultancy to me and training to our management team.  Helping us to overcome the barriers to growth. He has helped us to focus on being pro-active and reviewing team performance and helped us to embed our values into all that we do. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services to anyone who is looking at managing growth effectively”.

2016 Malcolm Spay , Director I.C.S. Funding Services. “Steve asks questions that you may not like but need asking.  He guided, listened to and sometimes refereed discussions that we needed to have.  We now have a strategic plan that all staff know and follow and we can see a path for the Company to go on to bigger and better things.  Every company needs a Steve Potts.”

2016 Kate Tyler, MD Shake Social Media. “Steve’s extensive experience means he’s well placed to coach and support other businesses as they grow and develop. By asking the right questions and sharing pertinent insights Steve challenged us to consider how we might make our systems more productive.”

2016 Serena Humphrey FCMA, MD of The F Word Ltd Business Finance. “Steve really knows how to help a business increase their sales, build a sales team and manage sales people so they perform. Through his substantial commercial experience at board level he has a proven record of helping businesses achieve year on year bottom line growth. He’s a great listener, and his recommendations are always simple and practical, meaning that things get done! He’s always my first port of call if a client has a sales challenge.”

2015 David Woodhead, MD Robert Woodhead Ltd 'Steve has a great grasp of business and what to focus on. Particularly strong in the sales arena. Steve brings a clear insight from many years work in the corporate environment.'

2015 Richard Smith Director Basic IT
  "Steve encouraged and supported us to make hard decisions in a timely manner and challenged us to consider how we might do things even better. He also helped us validate what, and why and provide a framework of challenge to help us further develop."

2015 Steve Cooke, MD, Hardwick Group "
Steve has been amazing. He doesn’t tell you what to do, he enables you to talk, decide and take action together as a team. He’s also introduced me to other local business owners and we talk about our common problems – which would have been totally alien to me before but which has been really helpful."

2014 Roger Churchill, MD, Lohmann  Technologies (UK) Ltd 
  "Exactly what we were looking for, someone prepared to listen and guide. He didn't tell us what to do, it was all about developing us. With Steve’s help, Roger and the senior management team gained a greater understanding of the management structure and KPIs, as well as the shared vision and coordination, their growth aspirations demanded and created a detailed action plan covering every aspect of the business."

2014 Robin Young, Director, Applied Materials Technology Ltd
  "Our work with Steve has enabled us to work with our client companies in a way that simply would not have been possible before and to engage with new activities that have broadened our base of operations and will provide much-needed resilience and a reduced dependency on one or two key customers,’ says Robin. ‘It has also allowed us to become more investment ready and consider talking to investors about spinning out activities from some of our projects."

2014 Mike Cockfield, MD, Keystone Software
"Steve Potts has definitely helped with our closing process. We close more deals. He has also helped with the process side of things. We have become more efficient, so there are savings there as well. He has definitely made an impression commercially and is helping us in taking the business forward."

2013 Jeremy Snape Founder Sporting Edge
"Steve’s experience and understanding of the mind-set and
language of sales has been a great source of learning"

2013 Glenn Slater, Business Development Director Robert Woodhead Ltd 
"Growth Coach, Steve Potts, helped us recognise that the growth we had achieved could only ever be accelerated if we created a common vision and
focused on our strengths in a wholehearted and strategic way, with his guidance we worked on improving processes and
developing structures to get the results we needed in three key areas: building the brand and competitive advantage, creating an engaged workforce and supply chain and growing in existing markets."

2013 Tim Bennett MD of Datatank Limited,
market-leading experts in providing intelligent data solutions to local government. "One of the best business decisions we have made was to engage the Growth Accelerator Service and be introduced to our Growth Coach Steve Potts"

2012 Edward Mellors MD of Blue Planet Buildings UK Limited, innovative sustainable energy company
“Steve's involvement with our company has been instrumental in helping us turn a positive corner. The work he has pro-duced has been very professional, and without realising it previously, it was something that we were missing. His help in firstly understanding the market, and then learning to pitch correctly to their needs, has been hugely beneficial, and I would have no hesitation recommending him to others.”

2011 John Banbury Chairman of the Banbury Innovations £13m turnover Construction Group
"Steve is a very professional and conscientious person. He delivered good results, on time and to budget and I would recommend him to anyone else considering using his skills and experience."

2010 Arthur Stoller Search Engine Marketer “Steve has added greatly to my company's sales technique. Having suggestions from him based on his experience has given us a great boost and I would greatly recommend him to others needing an improvement in their sales techniques.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

2010 Richard Banks Solutions Manager Pearson Group FTSE 150 "Steve is a highly personable and conscientious person to work with, and he left a good impression with everyone he came into contact with. He delivered good results, on time and to budget and I would recommend him to anyone else considering using his skills and abilities." Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

2009 Joan Smalley Assistant Head and project leader said:- The evaluation of our project was carried out efficiently, on time and on budget. Andante were extremely thorough and professional in their approach to the evaluation ensuring that we had complied with all requirements of the funder."

2008/9 Nick Callaghan MD As the Managing Director of a FT250 subsidiary, I recruited Andante to offer a range of programs including skill set audits, planning and implementing the merger of operations departments following an acquisition, temporary management of a support department, mentoring and development of new middle management appointments.

Andante was an excellent resource as they drove projects forward to exacting deadlines, dismantling objections constructively and ensuring dialogue with all stakeholders. Andante’s ‘deep dive’ approach opens up the main issues at the outset, including those that are hidden from the surface, which ensures that appropriate actions plans are developed and implemented. Andante never forgets that after they have completed the assignment there is an ongoing business that needs to operate alone, therefore they ensure that changes are sustainable once they are implemented.

From a management perspective Andante keeps the project sponsor up to speed and ensures that the broader management team are aware of the development of the project, without being asked. At no point did I feel that Andante were just looking for their next assignment or had ‘gone native’ with the junior staff, this lead to a completely confidential, trustworthy and open relationship at all times.

I would have no hesitation in recommending or using Andante in the future, having used them both personally and as a peer on a previous project.

2007 Andy Hedges Chief Operating Officer, Telstra Europe 2002-2007 Responsible for Product Management & Development, Marketing, Commercial Management "Andante provided interim senior management support for Telstra Europe over an extended period. The Consultant was tasked with auditing the existing products within the company which had been “created” from 3 rapid acquisitions. He had to map disparate systems, processes and teams to decide the most appropriate way for Telstra to manage its product range from “order to cash”. This involved liaising with senior managers and working level operators across all disciplines. The role included going live with new products using the new process as well as deleting old products. He is an extremely capable manager, capable of communicating at all levels. He gets the job done, on time and within budget. I would not hesitate to recommend him".

2007 Patrick A. Lorenz, Owner, PGK Software & Communication GmbH was with another company when working with Steve at Andante (UK) Ltd“ “I worked with Steve from Andante on a couple of projects at his time at VIA.NETWORKS and as well COLT. Steve made things easy for all of us. He knows how to deal with people, to organize them and to translate between technical and executive stuff even if it gets complicated. He can handle complex projects in political scenarios and is able to mediate through his calm and always solution oriented manner.”

2008/9 Dean Baldwin Head of Technical Support for Opal-Solutions said:- The Andante Consultant provided a clear and methodical approach to his investigations and process recommendations. His consultation involved all teams that were to be impacted by any process change to ensure continuity outside of the team. The processes that were put into place allowed us focus on delivery of service to customers while ensuring best practice was followed. He worked hard with the team to deliver his changes with little, if any, disruption to the customer. Many of the changes we adopted gave us immediate results and the benefits could be seen immediately. This was important to the team and the business as this, in turn, increased the performance and quality of service seen by the customer.

2008/9 Jim Ratray Engineering Manager at Opal-Solution said:-"With help from Andante the CNE team’s practices and processes have been analysed, measured and improved greatly. Rather than being an engineer leading a team of engineers I am now managing the team of engineers. Having an outsider view the business to recommend changes to practice and process and help implement them was a breath of fresh air".

2005 *Dick Theunissen, Vice President VIA NET.WORKS Inc. & President Amen S.A.S., VIA NET.WORKS Inc. managed Steve indirectly at Andante (UK) Ltd “Steve is a very well organised programme manager who will do everything in his power to deliver on his engagements.”

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