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A Guide to
Interim Managers

Ever wondered what the difference is between a consultant, a coach and a mentor?

Independent, Objective, Effective

Do you know if you need an extra pair of hands for a short time ?
Answer the questions below honestly and if the answer is "no" or "not sure" call us now

  • I have a special project is there anyone on my team who has the appropriate skills to run it for me ?

  • I have a special project coming up, can I afford to take one of my senior managers off the "coal face" for a few months ?

  • I have a senior manager with serious health problems will my business be OK during any protracted period of absence ?
  • Can I take my management team away from the "coal face" to perform due diligence ?

  • Do I have someone skilled and available to hold the fort until the merger is complete ?

  • Finding the right people is hard, how will I maintain momentum during a long recruitment period ?

  • Do I have enough resource to fulfill this one off order?

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