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Your company can only go where the sales team take you. Are they going in the right direction, delivering results during these challenging times?

Today margins are under pressure, prospects are harder to come by and you need to keep tight control on costs maximising every opportunity. Your most expensive asset will be your sales team are you confident that their performance over recent months is delivering what you need?

Some of the challenges faced by business leaders managing sales teams during challenging times can be:-

  • Farmers have to become hunters and don't have the skills

  • Good hunters haven't had to hunt for a long time and have forgotten how to

  • Sales managers "dress up" the pipeline to ensure they look like they are performing

  • Motivation is low, they say "its tough out there" activity drops off

Selling is and always will be about the numbers, activity is king, the number of qualified prospects, proposals delivered, ratio to closed deals etc. Is it time to "have the drains up" and take an independent, objective look at your teams numbers and the facts behind them?

Andante business advisers are all mature experienced senior executives with proven track records, we have successfully taken sales teams like yours through the last two recessions. We can give your sales team an "MOT" to see if they are still "roadworthy". We can offer a menu of choices, you can dig as deep (full audit) or as shallow (one day insight) as you wish. Our mantra will always be to COMMUNICATE, EDUCATE AND MOTIVATE . You will be in control at all times and our findings will be confidential for your eyes only. You can then enjoy peace of mind, see the true picture and plan for the recovery.

See if your team passes the FREE SALES TEAM HEALTH CHECK. Download the the SALES MOT PDF or

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