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About Us

Behind our commitment to support your organisation are a set of values that are
embedded in our culture. This ensures you receive the best possible service at every stage

Established in 2005 by Steve Potts Andante [UK] Ltd is dedicated to providing business experience and specialist skills for companies small or large & public sector organisations.

Steve has applied his thirty years experience as a main board director and senior manager to deliver a set of values that guarantee a service that is professional and adds value to the client's bottom line.

Our core values are :-
available to download.

  • Give priority to tasks that contribute to your bottom line
  • Our advisors will always recognise and respect the fact that we are there to support your business, your staff and your customers
  • We will always respect the fact that you know more about your customer’s staff and products than we ever can. For our part we will provide objective independent advice
  • You will always be in control at every stage
  • We are committed to following the Institute of Consulting (I.O.C.) code of practice

The Andante team are all professional advisors dedicated to providing sound advice and practical solutions. Specialising in innovation, product development go to market and sales strategy

Andante help organisations to manage growth, increase sales, raise capitol through grants and reduce costs by maximising funding options.

Proud to be members of the Institute of consulting



Institute of consulting