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About Us


Our Vision
Our goal is to be recognised as the first choice for Entrepreneurs from all sectors seeking support with the growth and expansion of their business.

We facilitate the cost effective acquisition and retention of customers and clients. This is achieved by providing the highest levels of senior management coaching and training. We also deliver consultancy services for sales, marketing, product development, business process engineering, service delivery, service support and the recruitment, retention and management of staff.


  • Give priority to tasks that contribute to your bottom line

  • Our advisors will always recognise and respect the fact that we are there to support your business, your staff and your customers

  • We will always respect the fact that you know more about your customers, staff and products than we ever can. For our part we will provide objective independent advice

  • You will always be in control at every stage

  • We are committed to acting in a legal and compliant manner

Who are we?

  • We are a team of experienced senior managers with proven track records for facilitating rapid growth in profit, turnover, & people. We specialise in helping companies in the process of transitioning from traditional markets to new ones.

What do we do?

  • We deliver coaching, tools, training and "know how" driving the improvement of business strategy, management and execution. We provide specialists in the areas of sales, marketing, operational delivery, people management and finance, empowering your team to manage growth through innovation. We specialist in growth and we will introduce you and your team to known best practice

Who do we do it for?

  • We can help any company experiencing growing pains, slow growth, changes in technology or for those who are struggling to transition from one market to another

A musical term for "at walking pace", we take it steady, do things properly and we always get there on time and within budget.



The story of our logo

There are many factors behind the design of our logo, it represents many of our experiences over the years.

A triangle is the strongest form used in engineering.

Salvador Dali used triangles and circles to show the links between art and science.

His famous painting Christ of St John of the Cross shows the head and crucified arms of Christ at an angle that gives a three sided triangle and a circle.

"So what has this to do with business"? I hear you say, well our logo and company name have elements of music, science, engineering, and the arts. It reflects the best endeavors and the inventiveness and determination of thoughtful, creative people and that is what business is all about. ..............!
Steve Potts 2005

Behind our commitment to support your business are a set of business values that are embedded in our culture. This ensures you receive the best possible service at every stage.

Registered in England & Wales, 5499341

Postal Address
48 - 50 Melbury Road


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